Welcome to the TS FAMILY!

You should have access to ALL indicators within 15 mins from purchase!

Thanks for joining the Trusted Signals family! 

If you didn't provide your TradingView username at check out you can create a TradingView account here "Create TradingView" and update / add your Tradingview username in your account. 

Access to all the indicators will be given in about 1-15 mins automatically, you can check your tradingview invite only scripts or notifications.

First Click Chart on Tradingview.com (as shown below)

To access the Trusted Signals Indicator, when looking at a Chart, simply click on 'Indicators' at the top of a chart 
(as shown below)

Then click on “Invite-Only Scripts” 
There you will see Trusted Signals Indicators.
Click on the indicator to activate it. 
(as shown below)

BOOM YOU'RE SET! (as shown below)

We recommend you change your default candle color from green to blue (as shown below)

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