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First Click Chart on (as shown below)

To access the Trusted Signals Indicator, when looking at a Chart, simply click on 'Indicators' at the top of a chart 
(as shown below)

Then click on “Invite-Only Scripts” 
There you will see Trusted Signals Indicators.
Click on the indicator to activate it. 
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BOOM YOU'RE SET! (as shown below)

We recommend you change your default candle color from green to blue (as shown below)


The indicator quickly identifies market trends with visual buy/sell alerts on the chart. Useful on any timeframe available on TradingView, even for 1 minute scalping.

TrustedSignals Indicator includes standard Buy and Sell signals on the chart, based on the current market direction (These signals can be set up as Live Alerts directly in Tradingview)

The 2 main Input options for this algorithm are 'Reactivity' and 'Depth'. By default, the indicator is added to your chart with the best settings we've found so far.
-The 'Reactivity' controls how quickly the algorithm reacts to trend changes. The higher the reactivity, the fewer trades on the chart. If the Reactivity input is low, the algorithm will react more quickly, and show more frequent trades.
-The 'Depth' controls the position of the signals relative to the trend swing. A lower Depth will allow for more frequent and earlier entries, while a higher Depth will give slower entries.

Our third (secondary) input is 'Trend Length' (the Lookback of our Trend Indicator). TrustedSignals™ is coloring the candles based on the current trend direction. The blue color shows an uptrend, while the red color shows a downtrend. Buy and Sell signals alerted while the current trend is showing pink (Sideways Market) should be taken carefully, as the market direction is not decided.


Within one simple panel on your chart, Our Dashboard displays the most relevant data from all of our features in real-time.

Current Trend 

(The bar color) is an indicator based on Murrey Math's lines. These lines are based on the idea that according to Gann, price moves in 1/8's that act as points of support and resistance. Given this 1/8 characteristic of price action,

we assigned properties to each of the line in an a given octave, obtaining a perfect Trend Indicator shown by the candle color, ranging from red to orange to blue.

Market Sentiment 

Market Sentiment is a zero lag, 'noise free', custom improved version of the old 'Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)' It measure trend velocity and momentum, while it charts the current and historical strength or weakness of  market. It is a much more accurate and vastly superior than the usual RSI.

Trusted Sginals Oscillator

TS Oscillator is our own branded indicator used to measure market momentum and determines whether bullish or bearish trend dominates the market. It measures the market momentum, with the aim to detect potential trend direction. Helping you to identify if the price is high or low in comparison to the recent price behavior.

Outputs: "Strong Bearish ", "Weak Bearish", "Strong Bullish ", "Weak Bullish"

Higher Timeframe Trend is a trend indicator based on our own non-repainting calculation of higher timeframe trend. It is based on a custom method that builds synthetic support and resistance lines from higher time, without repainting, while keeping the output extremely accurate.

About This Indicator?


Divergences are powerful tools that assess the price momentum and the likelihood of a price reversal. Positive divergence occurs when the price of an asset makes a new low while an oscillator, starts to climb. Conversely, a negative divergence is when the price makes a new high but the oscillator analyzed makes a lower high.

Once again, with the idea of providing an All-in-One indicator, this script can display the Divergences in up to 9 most used oscillators ( RSI , Stochastic RSI , Stochastic , Williams%, MFI , ChangeMO, CCI , BB %B) including our own branded no-lag ‘TS Oscillator’, which is also present in the main TrustedSignals indicator

After the user selects from the first input the desired oscillator, the indicator can display Regular and Hidden Divergences on the chart.The lookback period of the divergences is also fully configurable, like the settings for each our individual oscillators.

As a bonus, we have included RSI based Support and Resistance bands that, if used correctly can further confirm all the entry signals! 

About This Indicator?


It is based on Candle Patterns that show potential market reversal points.
The script has 3 different types of signals, which can be individually turned on and off:
Doji signals, based entirely on the Doji candle pattern and 2 Strong and Weak candle reversal patters

As a bonus, we have included RSI based Support and Resistance bands that, if used correctly can further confirm all the entry signals! 

This is Scalping Strategy  ix based on custom Candle Patterns.

The script mainly identifies reversal patterns and signals them on the chart.

If you're a new trader this will help you spot this reversal candle stick! 

Very accurate for entering & exiting.

It works well on literally any Pair/Timeframe.

Can be used to simplify your chart's appearance.

Can be used on it's own as a complete system for entering and exiting trades.

Visually pleasing and easy to see market conditions.

Strong back-testing results.


All chart signals can be setup as live alerts!

About This Indicator Tool?


Ideal educational tool and guide for new traders looking to practice drawing Fibonacci retracements.


  • Automatically drawn Fibonacci Retracement Levels
  • Corresponding labels for each level (Price & Level)
  • Fully customizable Levels and Lines through user Inputs

* Option to display a customizable Linear Regression


Auto fib


  • Alerts based on crosses of any of the levels (Up or Down)



  • This script automatically draws the last 2 TrendLines based on pivot points on the chart (wick to wick)
  • Users can adjust the lookback length of those pivot points.

    Trend lines can be used to identify and confirm trends. A trend line connects at least 2 price points on a chart and is usually extended forward to identify sloped areas of support and resistance. 


  • This Script is meant to help traders easily identify Trends and Trendlines



About This Indicator?


This feature can be activated to draw the key levels of Support and Resistance  easing your decision making and reinforcing the entry signals. Those levels can also be used as Stop Loss or Take Profit. 

Support and Resistance is one of the most used techniques in technical analysis based on a concept that's easy to understand but difficult to master. It identifies price levels where historically the price reacted either by reversing or at least by slowing down and prior price behavior at these levels can leave clues for future price behavior.


It is useful as a quick guide to which currencies you might want to trade, and which might be worth staying away from. For instance, if a certain currency is very strong, and another suddenly turns weaker, you may find a trading opportunity. Such deviation. 

How to Use

Depending on the timeframe that you trade, it’s highly recommendable that you constantly monitor the turns of the slopes, that’s the best way to spot the currency shift of flows.

- For instance, if you are trading off the hourly chart, look to enter at key decision points, aligning technicals to exploit the opportunities of the strongest currencies vs the weakest.

If we were to take the chart below as a reference, judging by the slopes of the Daily trends, one would think that looking for buy-side opportunities in the GBP and USD against the NZD and EUR would be the best combination of currencies to stay on the right side of the market flows.

If you are an intraday trader using the 5m chart to trade, what you then want to do is to constantly monitor the granular trend in the currency index off the 5m timeframe to identify in almost real time the potential changes in currency flows. Prior to that, you should have defined what are the best currencies to pair with one another, as shown above.


Works on all Crypto’s, Forex, Stocks, Altcoins, Indexes, and metals since it works with trend line data.

You can use the TRUSTED SIGNAL Indicator with a free TradingView account, but keep in mind, with a free account you can only set up one live alert and only have up to three indicators on your chart active at one time. If you would like more alerts simply upgrade to a pro or premium TradingView plan found here:

Once signed up please allow a few hours for us to give you access on the backend. We are alerted immediately and will work fast to get you up and trading!


If you didn't proved you usernames at check out please message us at to get access to the indicators and discord chat. 

This indicator is DOES NOT Repaint! In fact, NONE of our published indicators or strategies will repaint!

Yes, the indicator can be used on all time frames but we have found the best trades and trends to be on the time frames that are suggested in the description. (5min, 15min, 45min, 2h, 4h, 1D)

Yes! Simply email me at and we will be there to assist you and help answer any questions you have about the indicators.

No, the price you signed up for is the price you will keep! That's why you should take advantage of the special low pricing now! We will increase price as we grow and have extra tools added to our website.

No, the price you signed up for is the price you will keep 

If you feel the indicator does not add value to your trading, email us at within 3-days of your purchase and we will issue you a full refund.

Lifetime access means you will receive access to the ALL TRUSTED SIGNALS indicators and tools on TradingView for as long as TradingView allows indicators which we see indefinitely.

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